Animal Chiropractic Materials + Lasers. SPECIAL. $185.00
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Tons for the money.  A $325.00 Value for only $185.00 plus $15.00 shipping.  U.S. customers only. You get both The Well Adjusted Horse and The Well Adjusted Dog books plus a complete set of horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive. These are the actual professional techniques used by animal chiropractors here and abroad.  Step-by-step technique explanations and demonstrations.   Both books are personally signed and dated by Daniel Kamen, D.C.  Plus you get a single diode red laser that is used for skin issues, mouth and gum sores, and to stimulate acupuncture points.  Plus you get our blue (405nm/100mW) anti-bacterial laser with a great pair of laser safety goggles that protects for both the red and blue lasers.  Note:  These lasers are sold for animal use only.  You also get Dr. Kamen's complete Animal Chirpractic Seminar workbook.  This is the same workbook used by over 5000 registants who took Dr. Kamen's horse and dog chiropractic seminars.  You also get a great set of acupuncture points and treatment formulas.

The horse book contains over 36 step-by-step equine adjusting techniques.  Full spine, legs, hips, tail, and jaw, plus evaluations. Muscle work is also covered.  The video demonstrates all of these techniques plus the Pre-Race-Adjusting Sequence that can shave fractions off the time.

The dog book covers over 24 canine adjustint techniques.  Full spine and extremities.  The video also has techniques for bladder control problems and how to prevent canine hip dysplasia.

The videos on the flash drive demonstate all the moves, step-by-step.

The animal chiropractic workbook is over 100 pages and further explains all of the horse and dog chiropractic techniques with clear diagrams.  It also has a lot of dog and horse spinal and extremity anatomy.  A lot of dog and horse conditions are explained.  The flash drive also has cold laser information and a digital copy of our cold laser user manual.  There is also material on the flash drive for the blue anti-bacterial laser.  GREAT value.

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Animal Chiropractic Materials + Lasers. SPECIAL. $185.00

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